About Us

Clayton Waters, the founder of Tasmania Wild, grew up in South Africa, where Biltong originated from.

From a large family of seven, Clayton from necessity learned the time honoured tradition of curing meat and turning it into Biltong for future consumption. Along with his father they wild harvested springbok, kudu, eland, impala and oryx and turned it into delicious meats for the family to enjoy.

Using spice combinations and recipes handed down over generations, Clayton has perfected the craft of producing biltong that delivers honest and robust flavours that can only come from a wild environment.

On a holiday to Tasmania in 2013 Clayton and his family were captivated by the sheer beauty of Tasmania and the pristine landscape that creates the perfect environment for producing the highest quality of biltong. Four short months later they had re-located to Southern Tasmania and now 4 years on they have brought their dream to fruition.