Biltong vs. Jerky

Biltong is cured, in our case with vinegar and with our secret family recipe of spices. We then air dried our meat so it keeps tender and juicy. Through this curing process, which involves far less processing than jerky, a depth of flavour is achieved that is second to none

Biltong differs from jerky in four distinct ways:

  • Instead of dehydrating the meat which is done for jerky, biltong is air dried
  • The meat used in biltong can be much thicker; typically biltong meat is cut in strips approx 1″ (25 mm) wide – but can be thicker. Jerky is normally very thin meat.
  • The vinegar, salt and spices in biltong, together with the drying process, cure the meat as well as adding texture and flavour. Jerky is traditionally dried with salt but without vinegar.
  • Jerky is often smoked; biltong is never smoked.

Try our biltong and we guarantee you will never buy jerky again!